Things I Can't Explain: I Know in My Heart, God Played a Part

Can departed loved ones keep in touch with their family members? In this spiritual memoir, Lucy Geddes shares the spiritual events that have happened in her life.

Where Did Nicky Go?

Where Did Nicky Go? is a heartwarming story about a little boy who has just lost his dog and is having difficulty going through the grieving process. With the help of his parents and a friend, he is finally able to move on.    

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Grammy Said, "NO!"

This book is about a Grammy who seems to say, “No,” a lot….or does she? Through many different activities with her grandchildren they learn that sometimes saying, “No,” is not the best response and other times it’s the perfect response.

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What Is Grandpa Up to Now?

Who do you go to for an answer to a question or for help when mom and dad are busy? Grandpa, that’s who! Colton already knows that his grandpa has a knack for solving all kinds of everyday kid problems. In this story, Colton takes you on many exciting adventures that he, his brother, sister, and three cousins have with their Grandpa. But will grandpa ever need help from them? Enjoy reading this charming tale about a grandpa who teaches his curious grandchildren how to solve problems, fix things, help others, respect nature, be safe, and most of all, have fun!



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